Experience the difference with Broadlinc’s exclusive offer tailor-made for our cherished Whitesville and Fordsville residents. Dive into seamless browsing, streaming, and communication with our 100 Mbps Premium package, available at an astonishing $30/month. And as a special gesture, we’re waiving installation fees to get you started right away! Plus, residents who meet the criteria for the Affordable Connectivity Program will enjoy this premium package absolutely FREE.

But why should you choose Broadlinc over the giants promising 1 gig?

Local Love: We’re not an outsized conglomerate stationed miles away. We’re homegrown, based right here in Kentucky. We understand your needs because we live here too, making us the ideal choice for rural markets throughout our beloved state.

Beyond Just Internet: With Broadlinc, you’re not just getting high-speed internet. You’re accessing a holistic digital experience, with up to 200 Mbps speed, top-tier streaming TV services, dependable phone connections, and encompassing home wifi solutions.

Community First: By supporting Broadlinc, you’re championing a local business. This means every dollar spent gets reinvested in our community, helping us all grow and thrive together.

Prompt & Personal: In an unlikely event of a snag, we’re committed to addressing it pronto! You can bank on our team to be there, onsite, either immediately or within 24 hours. Larger companies? They’ll have you waiting upwards of 72 hours. We believe in swift resolutions because we care about your time and peace of mind.

True Kentucky Service: With Broadlinc, you’re not just another account. You’re family. Our 24/7 customer support isn’t just a service; it’s a promise. We pride ourselves on knowing our customers by their first name, offering personalized solutions every time.

Make the switch to Broadlinc. Be part of an internet family that puts YOU first. Together, let’s enjoy a more vibrant and connected Kentucky!

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Our internet service gives you exactly what you need: reliably fast speeds with the most coverage in your home, so everyone can be online and connected across multiple devices at once.

High-Speed Internet Access in Rural Kentucky

At Broadlinc, we believe in a faster, more reliable network, even if you live in the country. We use a combination of fiber optic, cable, and wireless internet to deliver the last mile of the internet to Kentucky’s rural towns. Our redundant systems help ensure more uptime, while our personalized customer service and IT support help you solve internet problems that have plagued you with other providers. Enter your address and zip code to check availability.

Until now, Kentuckians have had a limited number of internet providers to choose from. We now offer another option. With our focus on uptime, internet speed, and customer service, we are quickly becoming the best option for customers who are fed up with the current, limited options.

Do We Have Broadband Connectivity in Rural Kentucky?

According to the FCC, the definition of broadband internet is a minimum of 25 Mbps download and 3 Mbps upload speeds. Our basic internet plan with max download speeds up to 25 Mbps easily meets these standards of broadband connectivity.

If you need fast rural internet, Broadlinc offers an alternative to dial-up, DSL, and satellite. We offer affordable pricing that fits every budget and allows streaming, social media, and work-from-home access. For more savings try one of our phone, TV, and internet bundles.

Fixed Wireless Internet For Rural Areas

Many communities in Kentucky do not have high-speed internet availability. For the customer, there is a confusing set of information to sort through from ping to download speeds, and the effects they have on your internet surfing experience.

Satellite internet providers, wireless internet providers, Cellular internet hotspots… the list of internet options is long and confusing. Broadlinc stands out from the crowd by offering a reliable, rural internet option without data limits. We are rapidly adding towers to our internet network to allow Kentuckians in remote areas the freedom to work from home, complete virtual learning, and have access to telehealth services.

Does rural Kentucky have fiber internet?

Most of our wired infrastructure is a coax/fiber hybrid. We are in the process of building some fiber, but we currently offer coax/fiber internet in many of the small rural communities throughout Kentucky. Our wireless towers let us deliver fast internet to leverage the existing internet infrastructure and expand our services to individual farms and homesteads across Kentucky. We are a refreshing new internet provider for Kentucky residents.