Internet Provider In Boone County, KY

Finding broadband Internet service providers in Boone County used to be challenging, but not anymore. Broadlinc is a new Internet service provider ran by Kentuckians, for Kentuckians. Here’s what we offer.

Powered By Our Fixed Wireless Networks

We use fixed wireless Internet to bring broadband speeds to areas affected by the digital divide. Situated on the beautiful Ohio River, Boone County is a great place to live, but finding fast Internet service there can feel like as tough of an expedition as what Daniel Boone himself took. We wanted to change that.

Why Choose Broadlinc as your Boone County, KY Internet Provider?

We are locally owned and understand many’s struggles when searching for Internet service providers in rural areas. We bring stable, high-speed Internet for fair prices. Our Internet plans are easy-to-understand, and our customer service team is run by real Kentuckians who want to get you the best Internet service for your needs, not upsell you what you don’t need.

Types of Broadlinc Services Available in Boone County

You can find several Internet providers in Boone County, each with its own service types. Please note that not all these services will be available in Boone County.

Fixed Wireless Internet

Fixed wireless uses a radio tower to deliver wireless Internet to a home receiver. Because it requires no infrastructure beyond that, fixed wireless can be affordable, reach more rural areas, and have high speeds as long as you’re within a 10-mile radius of the tower without any obstructions.

Phone Services

Broadlinc is proud to offer digital phone services to our customers in Boone County. You can keep your same phone number, while experiencing incredible options such as unlimited local and long distance calling throughout North America for an extremely affordable price per month.

Streaming Services

Our internet streaming services bundles your post popular streaming choices into one, convenient bundle. Eliminate costly contracts and frustrating channel options with our all-in-one streaming services. Ask about our convenient streaming options that lets you watch your sports and entertainment, all in one place.

How Fast Is Your Internet Connection?

If you’re looking for a new Internet provider, Boone County has several. However, before you switch Internet service providers, give your current Internet service a speed test to compare it to what other Internet providers in Boone County have.

What is a Good Internet Speed?

According to the FCC, Broadband speeds are minimally 25 Mbps download and 3 Mbps upload. Of course, you may need a lot more depending on what you do. You may need more if your home uses multiple devices or you upload large files all the time.

Is Your Connection Stable?

A stable connection has no inconsistent speed drops or outages. Many factors can affect Internet stability, such as the weather, the location of your Wi-Fi signal, and more.

How to Check Your Internet Speed and Stability?

You can check your speed by Googling “Speed test” and your stability by searching “Ping test.” These tests will test your maximum Internet speeds and tell you if there is any lag. When you perform tests, do so while connected via Ethernet and Wi-Fi to give you a fuller picture.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to get internet coverage for rural areas?

Fixed wireless is one of the best ways to get Internet, with fast download and upload speeds. This may be your only option, as fiber Internet is unavailable in most areas.

Do we have broadband connectivity in rural Kentucky?

Broadband options can vary depending on your location. However, faster Internet service is available in many rural zip codes thanks to fixed wireless Internet.

Does rural Kentucky have fiber internet?

While some rural areas are getting access to fiber Internet, it’s a slow process. However, fixed wireless Internet can bring faster speeds in rural areas.

What is the best internet speed?

It ultimately depends on your needs, how many people are in your home, how many devices you use, and more. Current broadband standards are at least 25 Mbps download and 3 Mbps upload, but you may need more.