Broadlinc Services

Communication and knowledge are essential, and you need a reliable service to keep you connected. Broadlinc offers high-speed internet, phone, and HD cable TV service packages and bundles—perfect for your family or business.


High-speed internet packages perfect for what your family needs.

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Keep your existing phone number and bundle phone with internet to save.

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We have the perfect HD cable TV package for your family or business.

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Whole Home WiFi

Our Whole Home WiFi, powered by Mesh technology, is designed to blanket your home with a consistent WiFi signal, ensuring that every inch of your space is covered.

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Unbeatable Internet Offer

We all know in our beautiful Kentucky countryside, solid internet can be as rare as a quiet day at the Derby. But it’s your lucky day, because we have an unbeatable offer just for you! When you sign up for internet, you get:


Offer Details:

Get our fastest internet package at just $49.95/month for the first two years

No fuss, no hassle with a FREE installation service

But hurry, this offer ends soon!