Fixed Wireless Internet

Our fixed wireless internet service gives you exactly what you need: reliably fast speeds with the most coverage in your home, so everyone can be online and connected across multiple devices at once. Our over 400-mile cable/fiber network reaches across Kentucky and our fixed wireless product extends that connectivity even further, providing speeds rivaling DSL and far superior to satellite options.

With fixed wireless download speeds of up to 50 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 5 Mbps (our highest package lists 10 Mbps for upload speeds), we are putting the “remote” in remote working, playing, studying and living. With Broadlinc as your internet provider, you can live in the country, but stay connected to what matters. Our broadband internet coverage makes it possible to enjoy faster speeds with less lag and fewer restrictions than many of the satellite internet options on the market today.

Fixed Wireless Packages



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Up to 15Mbps*


Dive into crystal-clear TV streaming, enjoy lag-free online gaming, download hefty files in a blink, and manage emails without a hitch — all on up to 3 devices at once. Don’t just surf — soar!



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Up to 25Mbps*


Effortlessly switch between lightning-fast emails, dive deep into top-notch TV and music streaming, conquer games with zero lag, and download vast files in seconds. Plus, elevate your remote work or learning to new heights. All this, turbocharged across 8 devices simultaneously.



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Up to 50Mbps*


Enjoy ultra-speedy emailing, uninterrupted TV and music experiences, game like a pro without interruptions, and retrieve gigantic files in mere moments. Transform your remote work and learning endeavors with unmatched ease. With 13 or more devices humming in harmony, redefine the gold standard of a seamlessly connected lifestyle.

*Prices and speeds may vary depending on customer location.

Get in touch with a Broadlinc representative to find the package perfect for you.

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