Internet Providers in Wayne County, KY

How Fast Is Your Internet Connection?

Wayne County, Kentucky, is a fascinating place. Near the Tennessee border, this area was one of the first settlements in Kentucky. Counties like Wayne County deserve to have faster speeds. Our Internet service can help you get the speed you need.

Unfortunately, in rural Kentucky, having faster download speeds can be challenging. However, it’s possible to find cable Internet service providers who can give you download speeds up to 10 MBPS, which is faster than nearly 60% of Kentucky. Let’s explain how Internet download speeds works.




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Up to 25Mbps*

Best for email, browsing websites, and watching videos. Allows for internet browsing on up to five devices at once and HD streaming on one device.



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Up to 50Mbps*

Enhanced internet is great for watching HD content on multiple devices and supports 4K streaming.



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Up to 100Mbps*

Supports unlimited devices browsing the internet and multiple devices streaming in HD or 4K. Excellent for online gaming and online video conferencing.



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Up to 200Mbps*

Platinum is our highest service level. Supports up to five TVs streaming in 4K plus a house full of connected users. Ethernet wiring or mesh Wi-Fi recommended.

*Speeds may vary depending on customer location

Get in touch with a Broadlinc representative to find the package perfect for you.

What is Internet Speed?

Internet speed covers the maximum download speeds and maximum speeds for uploads your Internet service provider has. Internet packages with fast speeds mean you can download and upload content in no time, such as fiber Internet speeds.

Is your Connection Stable?

Besides fast speeds, you also need to have a stable connection if you want to get the most out of your service. An unstable connection can give you inconsistent speeds and vice versa. Usually, poor WiFi signal, peak hours, and a bad router can lead to an unstable connection.

How to Check it?

There are several testers you can use to check stability. You can also go to your command prompt. Go to Run, type CMD, and then type PING (your IP address)

Type of Internet Services Available in KY

To know the best Internet providers in Monticello, you must first know what types of Internet service providers are offered.

DSL Internet

DSL (digital subscriber line) Internet providers use phone cables. While DSL covers over 89% of the US, many KY Internet providers of DSL have limited speeds, with upload speeds up to 8 MBPS.

Fiber Internet

Fiber Internet uses fiber optic cables, with upload speeds and download speeds surpassing over 1GB. However, fiber Internet is more expensive, and under 50% of households have it.

Cable Internet

Cable Internet uses coaxial cables to deliver Internet. It’s an in-between of DSL and fiber, with speeds much faster than DSL and better coverage than fiber. Over 80% of the US has cable, and speeds can surpass 500MB.

Fixed Wireless Internet

Fixed wireless Internet uses a tower that sends a signal to a home receiver. Depending on the location, Internet providers serving fixed wireless can provide consistent speeds to rural areas.

Looking For a Stable Internet Provider in Wayne County?

Broadlinc provides faster speeds for rural areas. Here’s why we are the best Internet provider in the area.

Powered by our Cable or Fixed Wireless Networks

We provide fast, consistent speeds for rural areas, including Monticello, Locust, and other rural Kentucky communities. We’re less than 3 hours from Monticello, and we plan to be one of the best Internet providers for rural Kentucky, providing high-speed Internet to let rural communities stream 4k video and games without any lag. We are also one of the cheapest Internet provider companies, giving you faster Internet and phone service for less.

Why Choose Broadlinc as your Wayne County, KY Internet Provider?

We are not another faceless company; we recognize that fast Internet is not accessible to many in the rural community, which is why we’re working to provide more than just DSL Internet to rural communities. So talk to us and see the difference.

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What Do We Offer?

We’re Internet providers serving high-speed Internet, cable, and phone packages. You can customize your package to serve your needs and budget best.

Internet Service

Our fixed point and cable Internet can give you speeds up to 500 MBPS, with consistent rates. So you can play online games, stream 4K movies, and live a modern life easily.


Our digital phone services bridge traditional and cell phones. Speak to anyone in the US with no fees, with all the modern conveniences.

Cable TV

With over 250 channels, you’re never going to run out of fun!

Customized Packages For Your Business

If you need packages for your business, we make them accessible without nickeling and diming you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to get internet coverage for rural areas?

While most Internet providers do not have fiber Internet, you can get faster download speeds through cable and fixed-point wireless. With the fixed point, you need to be near the tower without obstructions.

Do we have broadband connectivity in rural Kentucky?

Our packages exceed the minimum requirement of 25 MBPS download, and 3 MBPS upload speeds. Our speeds can go up to 500 MBPS.

Does rural Kentucky have fiber internet?

Around 11% of KY households have fiber Internet, most of which is in urbanized areas. However, faster Internet options are quickly becoming available, and we’re working to provide broadband to Kentucky residents in rural communities.