Internet Provider In Gallatin County, KY

We offer two main services:

Internet Service

Our cable or fixed wireless services mean you never have to worry about slow speeds again. With speeds up to 200 MBPS, you can watch your favorite 4K shows on Netflix without buffering. You can play online games and live stream yourself without lag. And you shouldn’t see a decrease in speeds if you have a family who uses the Internet across multiple devices.


Our digital phones cut the cord of landlines without the extra annoyances that cell phones provide. Call nationwide without any hidden fees and any drops in services. Our digital phone lines allow you to see who’s calling with caller ID, have a meeting with three-way calling, and receive messages via voicemail.

Customized Packages for Your Business

Our Internet services let rural businesses and home operations work flawlessly. One way we can benefit your business further is to discuss with you what your business needs, and then create a customized package for it. This will save you money, cutting out any unneeded services.




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Up to 25Mbps*

Best for email, browsing websites, and watching videos. Allows for internet browsing on up to five devices at once and HD streaming on one device.



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Up to 50Mbps*

Enhanced internet is great for watching HD content on multiple devices and supports 4K streaming.



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Up to 100Mbps*

Supports unlimited devices browsing the internet and multiple devices streaming in HD or 4K. Excellent for online gaming and online video conferencing.



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Up to 200Mbps*

Platinum is our highest service level. Supports up to five TVs streaming in 4K plus a house full of connected users. Ethernet wiring or mesh Wi-Fi recommended.

*Speeds may vary depending on customer location

How Fast is Your Internet Connection?

When searching for Internet service providers, speed is critical. Ideally, you’ll want to compare your average speeds to other Internet providers in Gallatin. Let’s look at this and tell you how

What is Internet Speed?

Internet speeds refer to how fast your connection can receive data (download speeds) and send data (upload speeds.) This is usually measured by megabytes per second (Mbps) or gigabits per second (Gbps) for faster connections. The best Internet service will have speeds that allow you to do everything you want without delays. Internet service providers should tell you their maximum speeds, but the speeds you receive may differ depending on several factors, such as the devices you use, what connection you have, the distance you are from your receiver, and more.

Is Your Connection Stable?

Besides having faster speeds, you need to have a stable connection. A poor connection can be due to a WiFi connection from far away or in an area with obstructions. It can be due to weather or maintenance. When testing your Internet speeds, you should ideally be close to the receiver or plugged in via an Ethernet cable.

How to Check it?

You can look up “Internet speed test” to find several websites, including one built-in on Google, that can tell you your upload and download speeds. For the most accurate results, you can try several tests. You can also search “Ping test.” A ping test sends a small data packet and measures how long it takes. You can have fast speeds, but something may be wrong if your ping test shows more milliseconds (MS) than usual. Ping can depend on your connection type; for example, a wireless connection should have no more than 30ms.

Type of Internet Services Available in KY

Internet providers provide service through several methods. Let’s look at the four main ones.

DSL Internet

Digital subscriber line (DSL) uses phone lines to bring Internet to your home. DSL providers offer Internet service in most regions; for example, in Kentucky, over 86% of the state has access to DSL. A DSL provider can be the cheapest Internet provider as well. However, this has its drawbacks. DSL Internet is relatively slow, unable to stream high-quality video or upload large files in a reasonable time. In addition, DSL uses aging technology.

Fiber Internet

Fiber Internet uses fiber-optic cables to deliver Internet with upload and download speeds exceeding 1 Gpbs. This means that you can upload and download large files in seconds and do it across multiple devices. The downside is that fiber can be expensive, and many areas, especially rural ones, have yet to access it. While this is changing due to investments to bring faster Internet providers to rural areas, it may be a while until your area sees fiber Internet.

Cable Internet

Cable Internet uses coaxial cables that are commonly used for cable TV. They are available in many areas and are much faster than DSL, with speeds far surpassing the broadband threshold of 25 Mbps download and 3 Mbps upload. However, cable Internet’s speed can decrease during busy hours.

Fixed Wireless Internet

Fixed wireless Internet has become a growing way for rural communities to access broadband connections, with speeds, cost, and reliability surpassing satellite Internet. Fixed wireless uses a radio tower that connects to a wireless receiver. Fixed wireless can be reliable, provided your home is within a 10-mile radius of the tower without obstructions.

Looking For a Stable Internet Provider in Gallatin?

Gallatin Internet providers have been frustratingly slow for too long, so Broadlinc is doing something about that. We provide cable and fixed wireless Internet, speeds up to 200 Mbps and 50 Mbps, respectively. Here’s why Broadlinc is working to be the fastest Internet provider in Kentucky.

Powered by our Cable or Fixed Wireless Networks

If you’re like a majority of rural Kentuckians, you’ve felt like you’ve been left behind as Internet speeds in more populated areas increase, while rural speeds remain the same as they were 20 years ago. Also, many Internet service providers in Gallatin and other areas feel like they’re not listening, as they’re run by people who aren’t Kentuckians.

Broadlinc is from rural Kentucky, and ran by rural Kentuckians. We work to bring new technologies to rural Kentucky to help them reach lightning-fast speeds. How many Internet providers can claim to have your best interests in mind and wish to give more rural communities access to services that have been gatekept from them for the longest time?

Why Choose Broadlinc as your Gallatin, KY Internet Provider?

We are locally owned, with a helpful customer support team ready to meet your needs. No having to go through a complex phone tree to reach a human, no being sold packages you don’t need. We listen to your needs and provide the best Internet package. We also offer telephone and streaming TV services that let you call digitally without the hassle of a cell phone, and let you watch hundreds of paid and free streaming services.