Internet Service Providers in Ohio County

Looking For a Stable Internet Provider in Ohio County?

If you’re researching the best Internet providers in Ohio County, consider Broadlinc. When you compare Internet providers, you may realize that we provide you with the best deal, giving you great speeds without those pesky data caps.


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As Kentuckians ourselves, we were tired of the lack of high-speed Internet options in rural areas. That’s why we’re working to bring fast Internet speeds to many rural Kentucky counties, giving residents the same opportunities as more urbanized areas.

DSL Internet

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Up to 25Mbps*

Digital subscriber line (DSL) uses phone lines to deliver a connection. Because it uses existing infrastructure, DSL is easy to access, but it provides Internet speeds that many will find slow by today’s standards.

Fiber Internet

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Up to 50Mbps*

Fiber provides some of the fastest Internet speeds, with an upload and download average of over 1 GB. However, fiber can be expensive, and many areas, particularly rural, do not have access to it.

Cable Internet

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Up to 100Mbps*

Cable Internet uses coaxial cable lines. It’s much faster than DSL, though speeds may go down during peak hours.

Fixed Wireless Internet

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Up to 200Mbps*

Fixed wireless uses radio towers to send signals to receivers. Provided your home is in a 10-mile radius with no obstructions, fixed wireless can bring you fast speeds. Fixed wireless availability is increasing in many rural areas, too.

In addition, there are many other options, such as dial-up and satellite Internet.

Get in touch with a Broadlinc representative to find the package perfect for you.

Why Choose Broadlinc as your Ohio County, KY Internet Provider?

Broadlinc is locally owned, and when you talk to our representatives, you’re speaking to real people who won’t swindle you into a bunch of packages you don’t need but will work with you to find the best package for your needs. Our plans are affordable, high-speed, and easy to change or cancel.

We offer several packages for Ohio residents, including:

Internet Service

Our Internet service package has download speeds up to 200 MBPS, letting you stream 4K movies, play online games without lag, and work from home across multiple devices without worry. Other Internet providers in Ohio County may not have what you need, but we do!



Want to ditch the traditional phone in your office? Our digital phone lines give crystal-clear conversations with three-way calling, caller ID, and more.


Cable TV

Watch your favorite shows and movies with our cable TV packages, which have up to 250 HD channels.


Customized Packages For Your Business

We can give you the perfect package for your business needs, providing the best deal at no extra cost.


Frequently Asked Questions


What is the best way to get internet coverage for rural areas?

Because rural areas lack fast Internet options due to costs, fixed wireless Internet is quickly becoming an affordable, fast way for rural Kentuckians to have broadband speeds.


Do we have broadband connectivity in rural Kentucky?

Over 50% of Kentuckians have access to 1G broadband; we’re ranked 40th in the US. We believe we can do better.


Does rural Kentucky have fiber internet?

Some areas are getting access to fiber Internet, but because of the logistics, we still have a long ways to go until most areas have it.


How many internet providers offer their services in Ohio County?

There are several Internet service providers in Ohio County, with Broadlinc being one of them. We deliver high-speed Internet service that many other providers cannot.

How Fast is Your Internet Connection?

Finding good Internet providers in Ohio County can be challenging due to the rural nature of the county.  One way to check your Internet service is to compare speeds and stability.

What is a Good Internet Speed?

If you want the modern minimum for the best Internet speeds, look no further than the FCC. They have defined broadband Internet speeds as a minimum of 25 MBPS download and 3 MBPS upload. You can take a speed test, which you can find through a quick Google search, to measure your speeds.

Of course, what makes for fast speeds can vary depending on your life’s situation. For example, you may need more if you have multiple users and use many devices. If your job requires you to upload large files, 3 MBPS may not be enough. Good Internet providers in Ohio County will tell you which is the best for your situation.

Is your connection Stable?

You also need a stable connection. If you use WiFi, the device must be within range without obstructions. You can Google “Internet ping test” to measure your stability. A good WiFi connection should have 30 ms ping and 5-20 ms for wired.

How to Check Your Internet Speed and Stability?

It’s easier than ever to check your Internet speeds. You can use Google and find many websites (and even Google itself) offering tests. We recommend taking several speed and ping tests and comparing their average speeds, as second opinions are important.