Internet Provider In Walton, KY

If you’re looking for Walton, KY Internet providers, you must be mindful of Internet speed, how to ensure your connection is stable and more.

What is Internet Speed?

Internet speeds are how fast it takes to download a file and how fast it takes to upload it. When you request information from a server to your device, it’s called downloading, and vice versa for uploading. Modern Internet speeds are measured in megabytes or gigabytes per second, or MBPS or GBPS.

Is Your Connection Stable?

Your Internet connection should also be stable. You may have fast Internet service, but it may become unstable and feel slow if there are any obstructions, weather issues, or other problems. When you’re testing your Internet quality, this is one consideration.

How to Check The Stability of Your Internet?

You can Google stability tests, such as the ping test. This will test your Internet’s latency. Be sure you are near the receiver with no obstructions before you take the test, or it may not be accurate.




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Up to 25Mbps*

Best for email, browsing websites, and watching videos. Allows for internet browsing on up to five devices at once and HD streaming on one device.



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Up to 50Mbps*

Enhanced internet is great for watching HD content on multiple devices and supports 4K streaming.



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Up to 100Mbps*

Supports unlimited devices browsing the internet and multiple devices streaming in HD or 4K. Excellent for online gaming and online video conferencing.



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Up to 200Mbps*

Platinum is our highest service level. Supports up to five TVs streaming in 4K plus a house full of connected users. Ethernet wiring or mesh Wi-Fi recommended.

*Speeds may vary depending on customer location

Get in touch with a Broadlinc representative to find the package perfect for you.

Types of Internet Services Available in Kentucky

Kentucky Internet providers provide services of varying types, such as:

DSL Internet

Digital subscriber line (DSL) Internet service providers use existing phone lines to deliver speeds. A DSL provider may be your area’s cheapest Internet provider, but you get what you pay for. Most DSL speeds don’t allow you to quickly download and upload large files, stream 4K content, or enjoy stable Internet across multiple devices.

Fiber Internet

A fiber Internet provider uses fiber optic cables to deliver lightning-fast speeds beyond 1 GBPS. However, fiber is pricy, and it’s not available in many areas, particularly rural Kentucky.

Cable Internet

A cable Internet provider uses coaxial cables available in many areas. While similar to DSL, speeds are much faster but can drop during busy hours.

Fixed Wireless Internet

Fixed wireless Internet uses a radio tower and a home receiver. As long as your home is within a 10-mile radius and there are no obstructions, fixed wireless Internet service can deliver fast, stable speeds.

Satellite Internet

Satellite Internet is similar to fixed wireless, except it uses a satellite in space. Because of the distance, there can be lag and drops in speed, but it can get broadband speeds.

Are You Looking For a Stable Internet Provider in Walton, KY?

If you’re looking for Internet providers in Walton, Broadlinc may be your best Internet provider. Many Walton Internet providers don’t deliver broadband speeds, so Broadlinc is here to bridge the digital divide.

Powered by Our Cable or Fixed Wireless Networks

Most Walton Internet providers offer Internet service that isn’t up to the current broadband standards. Our cable and fixed wireless Internet can give you broadband speeds for less.

Why Choose Broadlinc as Your Internet Provider in Walton, KY?

We are by Kentuckians, for Kentuckians. We understand that many rural Kentuckians feel annoyed by the lack of fast Internet options, with their only options being corporate-owned providers who don’t seem to care. Broadlinc is different, offering human support.

Best Kentucky Internet Provider

Our fast Internet, friendly support, and unmatched prices make us one of the best Internet providers in the area.

Verified Customer Reviews

How many Internet providers do you know that have glowing reviews? Here are some reviews from people just like you.

What Do We Offer?

Broadlinc offers several benefits for your home or office.

Internet Service

Our fixed wireless Internet service gives you up to 200 MBPS speeds. With our Internet packages, you can watch 4K content, play online games without lag, and download large files in seconds.


Our digital phone service blends traditional and cell phones. It’s great for a home or office that doesn’t want landline phones but doesn’t have the hassle of getting a cell phone. It has all the modern conveniences such as caller ID and three-way calling.

Cable TV

With over 250 channels of HD content to choose from, you can be entertained for hours.

Customized Packages for Your Business

Does your business have specific needs? We can create a customized package to give you all you need for the best value.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to get internet coverage for rural areas?

Many rural areas do not have fiber optic Internet. However, you can find providers that give you fixed wireless, cable, and satellite, offering faster speeds.

Do we have broadband connectivity in rural Kentucky?

Broadband speeds are minimally 25 MBPS for downloading and 3 MBPS for uploading. Many fixed wireless providers offer broadband speeds, letting you enjoy the Internet’s modern luxuries.

Does rural Kentucky have fiber internet?

Some rural areas are gaining access to fiber Internet, but most still do not. Fixed wireless can be an excellent alternative if you need faster speeds and don’t want to wait for fiber.