We are proud to call Owenton, KY, home to the Broadlinc headquarters. We’re also pleased to be one of the top internet providers in Owenton, KY.

Owenton is a beautiful little area, home to just over 1,000 residents. With vineyards and lakes, It’s a place that has a lot to offer.

This rural community is home to several great family businesses and offers a hometown feel while keeping you close to the city.

When you’re living in a rural area, one of the biggest problems can be internet service. Finding an internet service provider that can get you up and running can be complicated.




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Up to 25Mbps*

Best for email, browsing websites, and watching videos. Allows for internet browsing on up to five devices at once and HD streaming on one device.



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Up to 50Mbps*

Enhanced internet is great for watching HD content on multiple devices and supports 4K streaming.



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Up to 100Mbps*

Supports unlimited devices browsing the internet and multiple devices streaming in HD or 4K. Excellent for online gaming and online video conferencing.



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Up to 200Mbps*

Platinum is our highest service level. Supports up to five TVs streaming in 4K plus a house full of connected users. Ethernet wiring or mesh Wi-Fi recommended.

*Speeds may vary depending on customer location

Get in touch with a Broadlinc representative to find the package perfect for you.

Why Choose Broadlinc?

You want to work with the best internet provider in Owenton, KY, and that’s precisely what we are. We’re a locally owned and operated company that makes sure you get the absolute best in customer care, internet speed, and service options.

When you work with Broadlinc we make sure you’re satisfied every step of the way. We achieve that through our quick response times, service calls, and rural-focused technical support. We also offer affordable pricing and the best customer service you’ve ever had.

Chances are you haven’t had the best experience with internet providers before. By expanding our infrastructure in Owenton, we are able to offer better access to reliable internet.


What Do We Offer?

At Broadlinc you’ll get not only high-speed internet, but we also offer bundles with phone, and HD cable TV packages and bundles. This makes us a one-stop provider of everything you need to stay connected and more. Plus, the bundles let you save money on the features you need.

The more important part is you can get both broadband cable and fixed wireless networks even in this rural area of Kentucky. There’s no need for you to sacrifice or miss out.



Our internet service provides you with reliable, fast internet speeds that let you enjoy all of your favorite online activities. From surfing social media to streaming videos, you’ll be able to count on maximum speeds up to 200Mbps.

Depending on where you are, we can offer cable internet or broadband internet access. There’s a reason we’re one of the best internet service providers in Owenton, Kentucky. We offer the best internet plans for you and your family.

With high download speeds, we are expanding the ability for rural Kentuckians to work and play from home.



Our digital phone service will keep you connected and at a price that you can afford. There’s no reason for you to feel disconnected from your friends, family, and anyone else that you want to stay in touch with.

Even better, you get to keep your existing phone number when you switch to our phone service. That means no worries about changes, updates, or anything else. You can stay in touch easily, with no interruptions.



Want to be able to watch all the local channels as well as your favorite cable channels? Maybe you’re absolutely into NFL Sunday tickets or other popular cable channels. You’ll get the best channels and still be able to save some money.

We offer optional DVR and several different cable packages so you get the most for the lowest price. Choose from different tiers that will help you balance everything you’re looking for from the top providers in Owenton, KY.

Plus, you can save even more when you choose one of our bundles.


Customized Phone and Internet Service Packages For Your Business

Looking for internet bundles or ways that you can get not only fast internet but TV and phone as well? Then look no further. We can help you get everything you’re looking for and none of the things that you aren’t. All you have to do is contact us to find out more about the different options and how to create a customized package that works for you.

We have several different packages available but we’re unique when it comes to internet service providers because we actually offer customized packages that are designed just for your business. That helps you save money but maximize the features at the same time.

Don’t spend money with another internet service provider on something that you don’t want or need. Get only what you’re looking for with us.


Frequently Asked Questions


What is the best way to get internet in rural areas?

The most common internet offering in rural areas is fixed wireless internet, DSL, or 4G LTE home internet. In and around Owenton, cable internet is also available.


Fixed Wireless Internet Service

If you’re looking for a cheap alternative to satellite internet then fixed wireless internet service could be exactly what you need. It gives you the reliable service you’re looking for without the higher price tag. With our form above you can find out if we offer it to your address.

Are you in need of an internet provider in Owenton, KY that can help you get internet access without cable or a phone line? We offer fiber internet, and wireless broadband via our tower network, in areas where fiber has not yet been laid.

We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction, and that means giving you the internet plan options you’re looking for. Reach out to us today to see what high-speed internet service we offer to your address. 

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